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A Note of Gratitude

This website could not have been possible without the work of the brilliant and generous minds who intersected, in some way, with the project through its almost three-year trajectory.  For the many of those who are not listed — but offered your thoughts, suggestions, and best wishes throughout this journey, nonetheless — know that I do recognize and appreciate your contributions as well. Thank you all!!

— Rob  

Luke Langridge (Welsh Valley Web/Infuze Group)

Chief Coder for the Site

Luke was the chief coder who oversaw the majority of the development, functionality, and design of the website through its immense almost-three-year journey from just a few months after materialization. Luke first entered the project as an associate coder over at Infuze Group (now Digital Edge), where he was introduced to me by their CEO, Scott Purslowe. He has since gone on to create his own company, Welsh Valley Web, another Velo-certified agency specializing in custom-built Wix websites. Luke is responsible for curating and/or refining much of the proprietary design and functionality present in my site: the infrastructure of a searchable and assignable series of music in my Catalog, the reworking of my "About" page to be more easily editable with HTML elements on the backend, the proprietary "multi-state" structure of each page of the site (which in itself carries a wealth of work from each page), the unique sorting features present on much of the website, the on-prompt malleable C.V. viewer option between front-end states, the creation of several new pages that behave identically... the list can go on and on. Luke and I shared many Zoom calls — tackling a project on an average of once every two weeks for, let's say, 18 months. Through each of the endeavors we embarked on together, we would touch base on what needed to be done over email, Whatsapp, or Zoom (depending on the severity or scope of the task at hand).

Crucially, I knew Luke would be fully autonomous and not needing of much verbal maintenance nor reminding. He was able to meet deadlines and maintain tabs on several concurrent projects, which is an incredibly important detail to me when I need to work with someone closely for a long period of time. The minute I had another project for him to work or expand upon, I knew I would hear back from him within a short amount of time, and I would connect him to the project with great enthusiasm.

Luke has helped me with many endeavors even beyond for where I have the opportunity to include him in my extra projects, I do. Outside of the work of this specific online portfolio, Luke had helped me refine a batch-editing system for editable PDF documents (which I use for larger-scale musical works with cover pages) as well as some elements within a newer website I made for Fishbeyn-Buonaspina Composition Collective (the band I co-lead).

It is impossible for me to codify the value, thoroughness, and attentiveness of Luke's work in our ongoing professional relationship. Highly fluent in Velo coding language, keen to tie-up loose ends, more than immediately responsive to inquiry— and (most importantly) extremely easy and straightforward to communicate with — Luke is an exceptional worker at what he does. I cannot overstate my professional recommendation for anyone looking to expand the capabilities of their Wix-based-platform website.

Learn more about Luke's current work at Welsh Valley Web here:

Linnea Lieth

Chief Artist

Linnea was the absolutely wonderful artist who created the single illustration of me playing piano, along with its seven subsequent "color-way" renderings. The idea of an interactive piano animation was one of the first ideas I conceived with this site. I wrote "27 Inflections" (27 2-second splurts of developmental piano ideas that were written with the intention of an accompanying animation, which would burgeon in color/intent with each inflection). With my direction, Linnea worked intently on creating a set of artistic pieces that interpreted the demands of each of the first eight "inflections" of this composition beautifully. Due to the nature of the coding, some of the audio inflections had to be removed in post-production to accommodate the rotating roster of artwork, being that the audio and illustrations could not be independently coded cycles, but rather had to work together as one CSS element. Thank you, Linnea — and thank you to my longtime friend and associate Eliana Fishbeyn for introducing us!

Learn more about Linnea here:

Giulia Felisberto

Virtual Assistant

Giulia is a virtual assistant I met, through Fiverr, who helped me with various data entry and clerical tasks pertaining to the creation and maintenance of my site. Giulia is wonderful, easy to work with, and scrupulous in her detail. Thank you, Giulia!

See more of Giulia's work here:

Grace Mathews/Ivan Baydanutsa

Artistic Direction Team

Grace was the artistic director who oversaw the animation of the piano vector graphic to music, which cycles through seven pictures and 20 audio files between the photos. Ivan Baydanutsa was subcontracted through Grace and coded this element for us. Thank you, Grace and Ivan, for your great work!

Learn more about Grace here:
View more about Ivan's portfolio here:


Initial Website Designer

GALAXY V/SUAL was the first agency I subcontracted in helping me get my website off the ground. Andrew was great and attentive in helping me to set up my eCommerce profile from the get-go, as well as some smaller introductory User Interface implementations before I was familiar with the website editor.

View more about their work here:

Jacob Spilberg (Market Street Web & SEO)

Coder for Special Projects

Jacob was involved early-on in the development of the website and designed the first prototype of the proprietary "catalog" expander module that is found throughout the website. Jacob went above-and-beyond in creating this expander element, along with its dynamic page— a series of front-end design that I then replicated onto the Events repeaters found on the primary Events page, as well as all of the subsequent Events multi-states that are found on each musician page. I am beholden to him for these deliverables, as it set the groundwork for me to expand more intricately on these ideas into a now-complex catalogging infrastructure of both my music and my upcoming engagements.

View more about Market Street Web & SEO here:

Rajesh Raichoudhury

Website Consultation

Rajesh Raichoudhury, freelance coder and (incidentally) father of one of my long-lasting piano students, was involved early on in the materialization of this website and ideas. Raj was more than generous in offering his time to reviewing the concept of my website and the user experience throughout its multi-year conception (and multiple re-conceptions since). He was able to articulate the ideas I had into coder-friendly language and sent me a plethora of resources, particularly ones that dealt with embeddable CSS elements that needed to be able to be integrated with Wix's Velo language, which helped expedite my vision for the overall gesture of implementing specific UI elements that were not native to the Wix editor. I'll admit (in retrospect) that Raj was 100% correct when contending that for the work I was trying to do, Wix (as a front-end-based platform designed for pop-up websites, not multi-year coding projects) would inherently carry its own set of coding limitations that cause a frustrating set of delays.

View more about Raj here:

Chris Derrell (EveryWord, Threed Software)

Coder for Special Projects

Chris oversaw many special projects on my website for the few months we worked together through 2021. This included the integration of my homepage piano animation into the Velo language of the site, the expansion of the Events database from a master parent backend that fed other databases (using a system of tagging) on the front-end, a proprietary calendar-based format that was informed by the Events page, and many other smaller projects. Chris did terrific work, is as highly attentive as he is personable, and has my sincerely highest recommendation for anyone who is looking to tackle ambitious projects within a reasonable timeline.

Learn more about EveryWord LLC and Chris Derrell here:

Lisa P. Cowan (The Designorator)

Assistant Designer / Organizer for Website Content

Lisa Cowan ("The Design Orator") did great work assisting with and overseeing the continuity of the design of many pages in my website. Fluent in Wix and all of its idiosyncrasies (trust me — there are MANY), Lisa often went above and beyond in her time: whether by categorizing my materials into categories on the backend file system, creating and testing various front-end hover components for my website, or by being incredibly efficient and transparent in her dialogue with me in doing so. Lisa has my highest recommendation for anyone looking to design and implement front-end changes throughout their website.

Learn more about The Design Orator here:

Miguel Ramirez

Score-Study Video Assistance

Miguel Ramirez, a wonderful guitarist/musician from Argentina whom I met from Fiverr, was my assistant video editor for various edited projects that are found throughout my site. The two of us shared the responsibility of creating the "score-study" videos for the multitudes of works which I wanted to document and for which I also wanted to provide a score-study video. Thank you, Miguel, for all of your hard work!

View more about Miguel here:

Michael Brinzer

Music Transcription Help

Michael was involved sporadically through the creation of this website / assembly of my online music catalog as an assistant transcriber / editor of music I had recorded into a DAW but had not yet codified into sheet music. Especially in the difficult work of notating and engraving non-metered music, he was super responsive to both my inquiries and suggestions throughout the entire process.
Mike was great to work with closely for periods at a time, especially while I was doing the same or similar work alongside him.

View more about Mike's work here:

Courtney Anne McNally & Matthew Karas (Toronto Music Service)

Music Engraving Help

I hired professional music copyist Matt Karas in 2021 (and, shortly after, equally great copyist Courtney Anne McNally) to help with the very laborious work of formatting parts/scores of my original music for publication on my website and otherwise. Matt and Courtney did great work in the time I gave them, were attentive to necessary detail alongside with questions they had for me (as the composer), and embarked very efficiently on the task of multiple large scores, particularly full-orchestra or big-band. They both have my highest recommendation for anyone looking for a second opinion on their sheet music/parts/scores — or, outside of this specific purview, for anyone generally looking to engrave their music from the ground-up.

View more about Courtney here:
View more about Matt here:

Rosemary Spyridon

Initial Website Conceptualizer

Rosemary, my sister, is the person who very generously created the very first draft of my website. Her proprietary creation of the "About" page layout stayed with the website from the very beginning — a design which I vigorously defended keeping throughout the course of the site, and she was more than instrumental in giving the project her eye every-so-often. She does excellent work for various clientele for Wix-based front-end projects. Love you, Ro.

View more about Rosemary here:

Flavio Silva

Translation Help

While it is not currently showcased on my website, Flavio was generous in helping me translate my tempestuously long "Very Long Form" bio into [Brazilian] Portuguese. Thank you, Flavio.

Check out more of Flavio's work here:

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