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At a Glance

Piano constitutes a sizable portion of Robert's artistic portfolio.  While a Master's student at Manhattan School of Music, Robert was fortunate to take a year of study in piano with Professor Phil Markowitz — and, throughout his Master's degree, was involved as a pianist in a number of capacities inside and outside of school.  While an undergraduate student at Hofstra University, Robert studied classical piano as his primary instrument with Professor Blanche Abram — as well as jazz piano with Dr. David Lalama.  During this time, Robert presented two full-length piano recitals in addition to the William H. Lawrence Honors Recital (you can view the programs respectively here, here, and here), where, for the latter, he was one of four recipients chosen across the Hofstra Music Department.  This is all in addition to several departmental responsibilities with which Robert was involved, including working as a collaborator for several student recitals, playing as the piano chair in the Hofstra Jazz Ensemble, and serving as piano accompanist for the Hofstra Chamber Choir on their March 2018 Northeast Chamber Tour.  

Outside of the university setting, Robert leads several groups in his name and has had the pleasure of accompanying widely acclaimed musicians in live performance — including but not limited to names like Nick Tangorra, Crystal Cimaglia, or Robbie Rosen.  Some venues where Robert has performed as a pianist are Feinstein's/54 Below (New York, NY), St. Albans Congregational Church, UCC (Queens, NY), Treme Jazz Club (Islip, NY), and the John Coltrane Music Festival (Huntington, NY).  Click here to learn more about Robert's experience and work as a pianist. 


Click here to learn more about Robert's experience and work as a pianist. 

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